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Thousands of people are suffering from drug addiction in the U.S. This directory can help you find a Chicago Drug Rehab IL where you can seek treatment and recovery. This directory was created to help addicts find drug treatment centers. Addiction rehabilitation is a life-long journey where both the family and the addict will forever be healing.

Drug Addiction has no cure but modern treatment has enhanced success rates of full recovery and lifelong sobriety. With the help of this directory, you will be able to better find a Chicago Drug Rehab IL so that you can work toward sustained sobriety. With group therapy sessions, individual counseling, and addiction programs, patients will be able to tackle their addiction. Call now to learn more at (877) 804-1531.

Inspiration to change the cycle of addiction is the key to attaining recovery. Whether the stimulus comes from a religious belief, family support, bad encounter or a moment of clarity, the importance is that it is strong enough to encourage someone to seek treatment for substance abuse. Encouraging the continuance of this spur can help addicts stay in treatment and remain sober after treatment.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Chicago

What to Expect with Addiction Treatment

A combination of treatment methods will be a part of every addict's rehab program and can include:

  • Educational – teaching the addict the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Motivational – once the addict understands the dangers of addiction, the idea is for the addict to be ready for drug abuse rehab. The better the addict's attitude, the better the results.
  • Detox – the addict will need to slowly stop using any type of substance
  • Behavioral therapy – the addict will learn how to live without drinking or using drugs. No matter how long drugs have been used, the addict must discontinue what he or she did before starting drug and alcohol abuse. The addict's life may never be the way it was prior to drug use but the objective is to have a life that does not involve drugs or alcohol.
  • Intervention – this may consist of close family members and friends, or the treatment may include family therapy to help everyone heal
  • Counseling – the addict will attend one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed professional in the drug treatment programs. This will be an opportunity for the addict to dig deep and discover how addiction has changed his or her life and the desire to heal

The warning signs may appear obvious to others but not always to the addict and often his or her spouse. They are busy denying there is a problem, or that it is not a big deal. Addiction counselors at the various Drug Rehabs in Chicago have heard every excuse and are ready to turn the addict and his or her family's life around. Call (877) 804-1531 to hear about your treatment options.

About Chicago IL

Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, the Windy City of Chicago has grown to be the third largest city in the United States since its incorporation in 1837. Today's Chicago iconic lakeshore skyline has its roots at the corner of LaSalle and Adams, where the nation's first skyscraper was built in 1884.

Since its inception, Chicago has long been recognized as a center of industry and trade. The city is also recognized as major world financial center as it is home to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Trade. Many of the most recognized brands, such as Sears, McDonald's, Motorola, and United Airlines have their headquarters in Chicago.

Chicago is also a great place for entertainment with its legendary blues and jazz halls, as well as the home to the Second City comedy club, which many of today's most recognized comedians had their start. Chicago is also home to some of the most enthusiastic sports fans who root for the White Sox and the Cubs during baseball season, the Bears during football season, and the Bulls during basketball season.

With its 77 rich multicultural neighborhoods that are home to more than 2.6 million residents, Chicago is a great place to live a life free from addiction. Seek addiction treatment at a Chicago Drug Rehab IL that offers effective treatment.

Chicago Drug Rehab IL for Addiction Treatment

Treatment at a Chicago rehab IL for addiction begins with a period in supervised detox. Once you make the decision to break free from your addiction, time in a supervised detox will help you withdraw in a safe manner. You can expect to be treated with compassion at a treatment facility, and the staff there are ready to help you get over your addiction to drugs or alcohol. When you are ready to begin living a better life free from addiction, it's time to learn more about the various types of programs that are available to you.

Types of programs you might encounter include:

•   Supervised Detox Program: When you are physically addicted to drugs or alcohol, the withdrawal process can be difficult. Instead of trying to tough it out at home and putting your life at risk, a supervised detox facility will keep you safe throughout the process of withdrawal. You can expect to spend at least a few days, a week and maybe more as your body adjusts to no longer having the addictive substance in it.

•   Residential Treatment Short-term: This level of treatment is for individuals who need to build a stronger foundation of recovery before returning home. Once detox is complete, you can go to a short-term residential treatment program to build on the strategies that were discussed during detox. This level of programming can last for a few weeks, or even a couple of months as you learn new ways to manage stress in your life and get more comfortable in your sobriety.

•   Long-term Residential Treatment: When you still don't feel safe returning home after a short-term residential program, you can move on to a long-term residential treatment program. You will continue the work you started in a short-term program, building on your recovery. You will work closely with a counselor and develop a treatment plan to use during treatment. You can end up staying in a long-term treatment program for a number of months as you gain more confidence in your abilities to remain sober. You will attend groups while in treatment and your days will be highly structured.

•   Sober Living Programs: If you don't have a safe living environment to return home to after residential treatment, you can move on to a sober living community. These are great communities where everyone living at the program is learning how to live independently and working on their sobriety. You will meet many people within the community who are working hard to maintain a sober lifestyle and reintegrate into society. You will have access to staff who will help you throughout your stay in the program.

•   Treatment Services on an Outpatient Basis: If you feel comfortable returning home, you can still go to residential type treatment during the day as an outpatient. IOPs, or Intensive Outpatient Programs, and PHPs, Partial Hospitalization Programs, both offer you the opportunity to have a highly structured day with peers who are working on recovery while returning home every night. Other outpatient services include individual therapy, group therapy, and other types of treatment that help you stay sober.

Strategies for Staying Sober Through Chicago Drug Rehab IL

Once your withdrawal is complete, you will begin to learn relapse prevention strategies. There is a lot of focus placed on relapse prevention, and this is for good reason. When you have strong relapse prevention techniques in place, you are going to have an easier time staying sober. Some strategies to help you stay sober after Chicago drug rehab IL include:

•   Go to a new AA/NA meeting in your area. Sometimes simply changing up your routine can make a big difference in your recovery and your commitment to sobriety.

•   Talk to a friend that you trust. You don't have to talk through all of your problems to benefit from having coffee with a friend. When you are feeling out of sorts, take the time to sit down face to face with a friend and talk. The conversation can go anywhere, and you will be better off for making the connection. 

•   Learn a new exercise. While you don't have to become a gym freak, learning a new exercise can help you get a bit healthier and reduce stress levels at the same time. If you have always wanted to try an exercise class, now is the time to give the class a try.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is Utilized in Chicago

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a common form of therapy that allows you to change your thought patterns over time with the help of a therapist. When you work closely with a therapist to address your addiction, you will learn that your thought patterns are often negative. When you start CBT with a skilled therapist, you will talk about specific thoughts in a way that can seem too detailed and slow.

For example, you may pick apart a though you have at length, just to figure out how you could have changed that thought. Many people with addiction are self-defeating and feel as if their life is never going to get better. The thoughts, "I'll never recover." or "It is impossible to get sober", are both dramatic and not true. If you believe these thoughts, you won't make any effort to get sober because you will be defeated right from the start.

A CBT therapist will suggest a different thought that is more realistic and productive. Instead of "I'll never recover", might be turned into "I can recover over time" and "It is impossible to get sober" to "It's hard to get sober but I can do the work." As your therapy goes on, you will find yourself more focused on your thoughts and how you can change them on your own to be more productive.

Drug Addiction and Signs of a Pending Relapse

Anyone who has ever been in addiction treatment can tell you that relapse is a common part of recovery. While you may not want to admit that a relapse is getting close, it's important to pay attention to the warning signs. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction in Chicago can be overcome, but you have to know what to look for when it comes to signs of a relapse. If you are close to a relapse, you may find yourself:

•   Skipping meetings and ignoring the friends you met on your sober journey.

•   Thinking it's no big deal if you use "just a little".

•   Ignoring family members who tell you that they are worried about you.

•   Denying the urge to use to yourself.

•   Refusing to admit that your sobriety is at risk.

If you are starting to feel as though you don't really need addiction treatment, this can be a very dangerous time for an individual with addiction issues. When you find your commitment waning, take a step back and ask yourself why. Your sobriety should be at the forefront of your overall life, even when you are busy with work, kids, and overall life. If you aren't committed to your sobriety, you risk losing everything else that is important to you if you relapse.

Is Addiction Treatment Right for You in Chicago?

It's never really the wrong time to go to addiction treatment. If you are actively abusing substances or you are at high risk to abuse, addiction treatment is right for you. Don't wait until your life is so bad that you can't figure out a way out. When you are stuck in your life and you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it's time to get the help you deserve.

Addiction treatment begins with a call for help and moves you forward to a healthier life. When you decide that treatment is right for you, it's time to go to a supervised detox and get your life back from the substances you are addicted to. You can recover, but you first have to decide that addiction treatment is right for you.

Why Alcoholics Often Wait for Addiction Treatment

Alcohol abuse is common in society, yet many people wait until their alcoholism has become so out of. control in order to get treatment. Many wait because they don't recognize that they have a problem. Others realize that their drinking may be a bit out of control, but they are surrounded by friends and family members that have the same behaviors.

Knowing when to get treatment for alcohol addiction can be difficult for anyone. If you are concerned about your drinking, ask yourself the following questions:

•   Do I ever blackout while drinking?

•   Do I promise myself never again, only to drink and drive again?

•   Do I organize my social life around drinking?

•   Am I making poor decisions when I'm drunk?

•   Has my spouse complained about my drinking?

•   What would be the hardest thing in my life to give up right now?

When you take a closer look at your alcohol consumption, you may begin to see a pattern of abuse. If you don't think you could live without alcohol, you probably need treatment. If you continually make poor decisions because you are drinking, it's time for treatment. If your spouse is tired of all of your drinking and you don't know what to do, it's time to call for help.

Will My Family Support My Decision to go to Addiction Treatment in Chicago?

Many addicts wonder if their family and friends are going to support their decision for Chicago who drug rehab IL. The answer is usually yes. The people that want you to go for addiction treatment are the people who truly love you and understand what is best for you at this time in your life.

For those who don't support your decision, it's time to let these people go. There are a number of reasons some individuals may not be able to agree with your decision. This is usually about their own concerns or needs and has nothing to do with you.

Get the treatment you deserve and hold tight to the people who support you during the recovery process. You will need people in your corner, and when those that love you are happy you are in recovery, you will get the support you need.

It is likely that your friends and family close to you have been hoping for the day that you would admit to needing addiction treatment. You may be surprised to learn that people who love you know about your addiction and have been waiting for the day you decide to take your life back from addiction.

Your Experience in a Chicago Drug Rehab IL

Getting addiction treatment at a Chicago drug rehab IL will be professional and give you the space you need in order to recover safely. You'll start with supervised detox, where you will be monitored throughout your withdrawal to stay safe in the process. You will begin to work with a counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan and together you will determine what you need when it comes to addiction treatment.

You will be listened to. You will be treated with respect. You will get the help for your addiction that you need to begin taking your life back from drugs or alcohol. As your treatment progresses, you can move on to a rehabilitation program to learn more about recovery. Your stay in a facility will depend on your comfort level returning home and what you need when it comes to addiction education.

Be honest in your interactions with your counselor, as this is the person who is going to help you decide what treatment you need next. If you try to hide a difficult home life, you can end up going home to fast and be at a high risk for a relapse. Know what you need for treatment and be clear about your expectations when it comes to working with a counselor. You will be able to get the treatment you need, but you have to be clear about what those needs are. When you are able to advocate for yourself, you will get the best treatment possible. Use this list of various centers for Chicago Drug Rehab IL and narrow down your options for recovery.

Upcoming Chicago AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Latinos Unidos Thu, 7:00 PM AA Latinos Unidos de Chicago 2646 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622
NA Addicts in Recovery Group Mon, 12:00 PM Addicts in Recovery Group 415 South Kilpatrick Avenue, Chicago, IL 60644
AA Latinos Unidos Sat, 7:00 PM AA Latinos Unidos de Chicago 2646 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622
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